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Golden Washed
Whole Bean 250g

Using only the fully ripe red fruits and employing a unique wet processing method involving flotation and washing, followed by two rounds of low-temperature anaerobic fermentation. The fruits are then depulped, washed and sundried. This dual fermentation method enhances coffee’s flavour diversity while preserving its original essence, giving rise to the  brown sugar, cheese, and Yunnan olives taste notes.

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Farm: Chiliarch Coffee Estate

Region: Puer, Yunnan 

Variety: Arabica (Catimor)

Altitude: 900- 1300m

Process: Double Fermentation Washed

Roast Profile: Light Medium 

Notes: Brown Sugar, Cheese, Yunnan Olive, Tea

Suitable For: Pour Over, Moka Pot, French Press

Bean: Water Ratio:  1:15-18

Water temperature: 91




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