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Wine Natural
Whole Bean 250g

The fully ripe, red cherries are put through a unique sun-drying method involving flotation and washing, followed by extended low-temperature anaerobic fermentation and further drying. The prolonged low-temperature fermentation naturally enhances the coffee’s wine-like aroma, complemented by cocoa and tropical fruit notes, delivering a refreshing and sweet taste.

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Farm:Chiliarch Coffee Estate

Region: Puer, Yunnan

Variety:100% Arabica (Catimor)

Altitude:900- 1300M

Process:Long fermentation Natural

Roast Profile:Medium 

Notes: Tropical Fruit, Wine, Chocolate

Suitable for: Pour Over, Moka Pot, French Press, Cold Brew

Bean: Water Ratio:

Hot Brew:  1:15-18

Cold Brew: 1:10

Water Temperature: 91℃




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